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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and the Social Media Revolution

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Here at Redlabel Media we spent a great deal of time getting to know how SEO works. Once we got a handle on things it was easy to implement it and we soon started seeing results flooding in. Search Engines like Google dominate this scene so it’s not exactly rocket science to get a formula together and make sure you stick to it. It’s not all that easy of course, we have spent years studying this stuff, and of course we need to be abreast of any new developments that guys like Google throw out now and then.It was with a lot of interest then that we got involved with social media marketing and everything that comes that. At first glance it was relatively easy stuff. Put some deliciously well worded articles out, position it in front of some people interested in that kind of thing and bang, you have a referral system going.

Not quite! It’s not that simple is it?

You see we were keen on this new development. Why just rely solely on Google? Is there life beyond that? The social media revolution that was so long in coming finally hit us and along with it came a hundred different ways of doing things. Do you Digg things? Stumble them? We didn’t know.

We had to try these things and then formulate our opinion on them. Now trying them was the easy part. Putting together automatic systems that allowed you to use the best of this lot in a one click scenario was a little more tricky. What we did next was just get our hands dirty. We tried everything.

Our evolution in this regard has been as fast as the Social media itself. Where using Google Ads was once a good way to get traffic (and also revenue for your site) it is now dominated by group offers like Groupon and this is a barrier to entry for advertisers. These guys have such a large margin to play with that they can blow most of us out the water. Google knows this and ‘recommends’ you show all adds on your site, thereby negating your biche market appeal, but making your ad revenue stream that wee bit bigger. On the back of this, we see that a return to more ‘traditional’ advertising campaigns has happened due to the business plans of companies like Groupon. We find that writing good content is the clear winner. Get your ideas out there and people will find them. Target and tag them properly. It takes one person in an influential position ‘liking’ your article and you get a fat stream of targeted hits to your site. Your content is what will keep these targeted hits interested.

In a nutshell we have learnt a lot of the tricks and we are constantly evolving in how we apply these tricks. We do this for you so that you don’t have to. It is more cost effective for you to let us do our work for you rather than you learning all these tricks yourself. You could do that of course but time is of the essence. The social media landscape is a fast moving beast and only a few people can ride it effectively.

Redlabel Media is a Cape Town based SEO marketing and Social Media Expert.

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